Retaining Walls

Whether you need to retain your entire driveway, the side of your home, or a simple vegetable garden, Woodland can create a retaining wall with the strength and durability to last a lifetime. Retaining walls aesthetically enhance your property's slopes and grade changes. Walls can be constructed of a wide variety of materials such as boulders, outcropping stone, cut dry wall stone, concrete block, preformed stone, and wooden landscape timbers Benefits ⦁ Adds a decorative extension to the home ⦁ Functional support for keeping soil in place ⦁ Prevents sink holes ⦁ Eliminating the eye sore of dirt piles and hills ⦁ Implemented into a patio setting ⦁ Used as a backdrop that holds planters & lighting ⦁ Used to keep areas cool and shaded from sunlight or wind ⦁ Adds to the homes property value ⦁ Creates barriers between properties ⦁ Adds additional parking ⦁ Makes hazardous areas safer ⦁ Long lasting ⦁ Very low maintenance